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Call Centre Solution

New Generation IP’s call center solution is a combination of functions that provide all necessary features to a dedicated or small corporate call center. First, our tools are WEB-based directly connected to our PBX appliances allowing call center agents to be located within the company premises or on remote locations. Therefore agents and supervisors are freely assigned to queues and can log in/log out of the call center anytime. Allowing them to be able to efficiently manage the call center calls, review various statistics, and chat with each other to discuss customer-related topics. Other valuable functions available with this solution, such as the ability of agents to flag each call, and by including follow-up topics or action items for later review and follow-up

  • Call Center for inbound or outbound calls.
  • Available for QX PBX appliances and ecQX Cloud PBX
  • Extensive statistics real-time and historical with download options.
  • Callers on queue experience

The Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), the Automatic Outbound Calling (AOC) and the Epygi ACD Console (EAC) are
the licensable features that will help you build a powerful communication bridge between organizations and customers. ACD is designed to receive and queue high-volume inbound calls, then distribute queued calls to the available agents in a call center. AOC is a web-based application designed to control and monitor automatic outbound call sessions on QX. EAC is a web application designed to monitor agents’ activity, store and format data and produce real-time statistical reports.